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Partenaire Sixcontinents

Our partners

Market Invaders is constantly looking for efficient and innovative channels to guarantee a competitive advantage to its customers.

As part of this approach, we have formed a partnership with Six Continents, a translation business specialised in human or hybrid translation, interpretation and Artificial Intelligence used to assist translation, as well as localisation for e-commerce. 

Why choose Six Continents?

With more than twenty years’ experience, Six Continents has overcome the challenges created by continuous change in many business sectors.

Six Continents can work with you to ensure your translation costs become more responsible and longer term investments with a measurable return on investment (ROI).

Who can benefit from Six Continents’ services?

You are :

A company already well established in its market with a présence en ligne qui représente plus de 10% de votre CA

You want to démultiplier votre CA à l’étranger with a pragmatic, fast and efficient approach

The advantages of the partnership between Six Continents and Market Invaders for your international development:

To expand our offers and propose the most successful services to our customers, Market Invaders collaborates with nearly a hundred partners (marketplaces, software publishers, independent consulting firms, web agencies, etc.)

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