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Logiciel de gestion de places de marché

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Bénéfices Logiciel de gestion de places de marché
Boost your revenue


  • Démultipliez vos canaux de distribution en vendant sur plus de 100 places de marché !
  • Create your product bundles with a smart system that secures the inventory of items that make up a product bundle.
  • Get the best price and control the price of your products in no time with our repricer, which offers the best repricing frequency in the market.
  • Manage compatibility effectively by automatically multiplying listings for products such as accessories and spare parts.
Secure your business in marketplaces


  • Synchronize your inventory between marketplaces; products that are out of stock will be removed in real time.
  • Gérez les restrictions de vente de produits dictées par les places de marché (exemple : empêcher la publication d’articles fumeurs sur la FNAC and DARTY).
  • Audit trail: view the history of changes to your products, listings and orders (with an indication of the reason for the change and the party responsible for the change).
Control your B2C logistics


  • Save time: as soon as an order is received, send a shipment order automatically to your logistics provider!
Optimize your profile


  • See the number of listings online in real time, with an online assistant to help you correct mistakes and improve your publication rate
  • Automatically create products that do not exist in marketplaces.
Make your international development easier


Sell more outside your country:
  • Machine translation of the catalog
  • Prise en charge de l’envoi automatique des ordres d’expédition à Octopia fulfillment ou Amazon FBA en Europe comme dans le monde entier !

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Integrate Market Invaders into your Web Services


  • Take advantage of all the features of the application accessible with Web Services SOAP and scale up your marketplace business!
  • Market Invaders will integrate with your information system, regardless of your CMS (Content Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and WMS (Warehouse Management System), whether your solutions are proprietary, open-source or bespoke.
Keep control over your brand image


  • Get a comprehensive view of the listings published “with or without your consent” for products bearing your brand in all marketplaces.
  • Check and control the quality of your online product data (photos, descriptions, features, etc.).

We have been using the Market Invaders Repricing module for a year now. Over 80% of our products have won the Buy Box, resulting in double-digit growth in our revenue. Even with higher prices, we are still ahead of the competition!
The return on investment is unbeatable and noticeable in just a few days.
Our prices are now optimized 24/7 around the year. Thank you!

Logiciel de gestion de places de marché

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